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Massachusetts Lemon Law – The Basics of This State's Lemon Law

Customers buying new vehicles should be well informed and educated about the laws that have been framed for their welfare and well being. Many customers encounter lots of troubles with their new car, bike etc and do not have a proper guidance. Now you can stay protected from unscrupulous dealers who are trying to rob you. In this article we discuss the Massachusetts lemon law.

The Massachusetts lemon law is stated in chapter 90 section 7N under the state lemon laws. Now what are the factors that indicate that your vehicle is a lemon? The Massachusetts lemon law is applicable to any car, motorcycle or truck newly bought for family and personal use and not with the intention of doing business. If your vehicle has suffered a significant defect within the 1st year or before traveling the first 15,000 miles, which occurs early and can not be repaired despite several requests to repair it, the laws are there to protect you. It also helps the customers whose vehicle had been in the shop for more than 15 business days within the 1st day of being bought and these days need not be consecutive. If you are the owner of a leased or used car, do not worry! These vehicles are also covered by the Massachusetts lemon law. Some vehicles which are not covered by these laws are business vehicles, auto homes, and vehicles used for road use etc.

If you are having a lemon, you would try to have it repaired. If you turn out to be unsuccessful, you should contact the manufacturers of the vehicle pointing all the problems you are facing. The manufacturer will try to have it repaired himself. But, if even he is unsuccessful, he should refund or replace your vehicle. If things do not turn out to be as stated, you can make use of the state arbitration program under the Massachusetts lemon law. Arbitrators are volunteers present to hear your case in an informal way and who seeks to give a fair ruling. State your problems in front of the arbitrators along with relevant documents showing your attempts to repair the vehicle. If the case goes your way you would be offered a relevant compensation. But if you are dissatisfied with the ruling you can move out to the civil court and file a case against the manufacturers. Make sure you hire a good lawyer who presents your case in the best possible way.

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